All-American 2 – Red, White and Blue head to Texas, Hop Harrigan gets his license, Scribbly draws on the fence, and the Mystery Men of Mars continues


All four of the original series get featured on the cover of All-American 2 (May 1939), so all four get their stories covered in this entry.


Red, White and Blue wind up heading to Texas, after Doris makes a date with Red Dugan, and then doesn’t show up.


They are on the trail of helium thieves, and it turns out that Doris is as well.  Curiously, she was not kidnapped or anything.  She just headed off on an assignment and left Red in the lurch.


Red doesn’t seem to really mind.  But then, they are all busy dealing with a phony mind reader who is the mastermind of the thefts.

The story avoids naming the foreign government behind the thefts, but the German’s lack of helium was well known – the reason they had to use the more dangerous hydrogen in their blimps.


Hop Harrigan gets his flying license in this installment, and almost loses it before the story ends.


On his first flight, the pilot passes out, and Hop has to take over and land the plane before it crashes.  Hop is blamed for the accident, but Ikky saw what happened, and speaks up for him.  So Hop goes from being the goat to being the hero.


Sheldon Mayer’s Scribbly story still focuses on his attempt to win the affections of Daphne.


Scribbly does a great job setting the stage to show Daphne a portrait he has done of her – but the plan goes awry when Dinky turns it into an insulting caricature.


Adventures in the Unknown continues with the Mystery Men of Mars, as the boys and the professor explore the red planet.


Mars has some very unusual looking inhabitants, who seem friendly enough at first, but take the the three men captive by the end of this story.


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