All-American 3 – Red,White and Blue head to Mexico, Hop Harrigan goes Hollywood, Ma Hunkle debuts, and the secret history of Mars


Hop Harrigan gets a very effeminate shot as he takes the cover of All-American 3 (June 1939).


The Red, White and Blue story opens with Doris West being put quite clearly in charge over the three titular heroes.  They are relegated to simply being her muscle.


But Doris herself barely appears in the story, which has to do with smuggling weapons into the US through Mexico. The boys head south of the border, and not only stop the Mexican part of the smuggling chain, but also take out those bringing the weapons into that country.


Hop Harrigan and Ikky acceptan offer to go to Hollywood, and fly in a film being made out there.  Ikky is particularly taken with the actress, although she gets annoyed with him.


Ikky gets stuck in the airplane during the shoot, and he and Hop wind up performing a far more dangerous stunt than intended, as Hop gets Ikky free.  The actress mistakenly believes Ikky to have done this intentionally, and kisses him for his heroism.  Neither man corrects her.


Ma Hunkle gets introduced in this chapter of Sheldon Mayer’s Scribbly.  The story has her son, Huey,as the significant character introduced, but in the long run it’s Ma that will be the major figure from this strip.


Ma’s daughter Sisty also makes her debut in this story, getting into a brawl with another child. Ma shows her tendency towards violent acts of retribution right from the start.


The Mystery Men of Mars continues, as the professor uses math as a universal language, and teaches one of the Martian robots to speak English.


They learn that the Martians no longer exist, really.  They made the robots to tend them, and placed their brains into the creatures.  There no longer are any real Martians, simply the robots with Martian brain matter inside them.


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