All-American 5 – a Martian robot on their side, Hop Harrigan meets Gerry, and Scribbly gets a job


All-American 5 (Aug. 39) begins an adaptation of a movie, The American Way, by Frederic March.  There was another short-lived DC book from this time, Movie Comics, which consisted entirely of film adaptations.  By sad fluke, none of the movies chosen for this are films that have become classics, or are even remembered.


The boys managed to get one of the Martian robots onto their side in the previous issue, and have named him Elmer.  The professor has been separated from them, and does not appear in this chapter.


The boys head back to the spaceship, but find it encircled by other Martian robots.  They send Elmer down to distract them and clear the way.


Hop Harrigan leaves Ikky behind as he goes for a flight in this story, seeing a big forest fire, and heading to a large house to warn the inhabitants.  But he finds only a crazy man who wants to kill him.


Hop is helped by a youngster named Gerry, and together they flee from the madman in Hop’s plane.


As the story ends, we, but not Hop, discover that Gerry is really a girl.  And sometimes has no mouth.  Well, only in one panel, but it’s such a creepy one it stays in the mind.


Mayer’s four page Scribbly story in this issue is one of the most entertaining of the run.  On break from school, Scribbly’s uncle comes up with the idea of getting Scribbly a job as a newspaper cartoonist, by pretending that he is a midget, instead of a child.


The scam proves successful, and Scribbly does get hired, despite his efforts to tell the truth and not take advantage of the hoax.


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