All-American 6 – Red, White and Blue and the dam, from Mars to Earth, Hop Harrigan gets hired, and Scribbly Jibbet – Boy Cartoonist


Scribbly gets the cover of All-American 6 (Sept. 39).


The evil foreign agents in this month’s Red,White and Blue story are clearly Japanese, out to blow up a dam.


The main romantic thread in this strip is between Red and Doris, but this chapter makes it clear that all the guys have a thing for her.


A helpful parrot prevents the foreign saboteurs from succeeding.


Alan and Ted have to leave the professor behind as they get onto the spaceship, the Wanderer, and escape Mars.  Elmer comes with them instead.


They get all the way into space before they need to actually put on their suits.  Because they are cold.  The ship even has a kitchen, and a flying pan.  You rarely get to see astronauts frying dinner.


They land at sea, making it back to Earth with their Martian robot.


In Hop Harrigan’s chapter, he lands his plane, and Men zoom up in a car and kidnap Gerry.  They must have been on her trail for a long time, following the plane from the ground.  Anyway, as they grab her, Hop sees that Gerry is really a girl.


He and Ikky follow the kidnappers, fight them and save Geraldine.  Her parents show up, and we learn that she is a runaway.  Clearly hugely impressed by Hop, Geraldine’s father hires Hop on the spot, to be her flying instructor and companion.


Sheldon Mayer concludes the story of Scribbly getting hired, as the “midget cartoonist” scam gets exposed.


Scribbly’s talent does land him a job, as the paper’s one and only boy cartoonist.  The strip pegs Scribbly as being 13 and a half.


Scribbly’s mother does not believe that he has been hired to draw cartoons, until she actually sees them in the newspaper.  Scribbly becomes a big neighbourhood hero.



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