All-American 9 – the origin of Gary Concord – Ultra-Man, Hop Harrigan leaves Geraldine on the ice, and Alan and Ted go dinosaur hunting


Gary Concord has to share the cover of All-American 9 (Dec.39) with Red, White and Blue, as well as the film adaptation of The American Way.


Gary Concord’s father, Gary Concord, discovers that he has slept for 224 years, and emerged in the year 2174. He proves his worth to the future government by creating a flame pellet gun that they use to defeat Rebberizan, who seeks to take over the world himself.  We hear briefly of repeated battles between Rebberizan and Concord, while at the same time he falls for, and marries, Rebberizan’s daughter, Leandra.  After the birth of Gary, Rebberizan murders Leandra, and Dad Gary strangles Rebberizan to death with his bare hands.


Aside from his murderous rage, he has brought peace to Earth with the suspended animation foam.  They simply fly overhead, spray the foam, wait until everyone has passed out in it, hose it off and toss everyone in jail.

So Dad lived another twenty years as High Moderator, and then died.  Gary ascends to this apparently democratic but monarchical appearing position, and is almost immediately attacked by people who want the secret of the foam.  He fights them off, but ponders his fathers last words in the letter: “in your hands lies peace over the world, before your eyes lies the goal.”


Hop Harrigan’s trip north continues, and you have to wonder why he brought Geraldine along, or even accepted the job working with her, as he seems to completely despise her, telling her she makes him sick.


They meet up with a ship carrying a poet, who starts to romance Geraldine.  She thinks this might make Hop jealous, and responds to him. She also decides to help an ill man on the ship, and gives him a tonic that, in fact, just makes him worse.  Hop is furious with her, and leaves her behind on the ice as he flies the man to a hospital.


Alan and Ted reach the far past in this chapter of “A Thousand Years a Minute.”


They go dinosaur hunting, but also take photographs to prove their journey.


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