All-American 10 – Red, White and Blue vs the Master, Hop Harrigan gets jealous, giant prehistoric snakes, and Ultra-Man races to the goal


Scribbly gets a Christmas cover on All-American 10 (Jan. 40), but his story has no holiday element to it.


Red, White and Blue have to deal with the Master in this issue, a man who can control and kill with electricity.


The story becomes much more of a battle of the sexes, with Red and Doris.  Red doesn’t even want Doris to come along, although she is the one to figure out who the Master is.


She also is the one to turn his weapon against him, although Red takes him down.  The two then each insist the other take credit for it.  White and Blue are off moping, I think.


Hop Harrigan flies the sick man for help in this issue, while Geraldine and the Poet, Maurice, wait for his return.  Geraldine makes it clear to Maurice that she does not like him, she was just trying to get Hop’s attention.


Hop returns, along with Ikky, and they pick up Geraldine.  Maurice decides to join them, and Hop actually does get jealous.  Oh, we are going so into soap opera territory here.


Alan and Ted poke around a bit in prehistoric times in this chapter of “A Thousand Years a Minute.”  They help an old caveman who gets wounded, and fight off a giant water snake.


But overall this exploration is kind of pointless.  More cavemen show up as this chapter concludes.


Gary Concord begins his quest to find his father’s peace foam in this chapter, the third in his series, and the first where he really does something.  There is a woman, Stella Tor, who floats around seductively, but turns out to be a spy for the forces against Gary.


Gary and his sidekick Guppy solve the riddle from his father’s letter, using the plaque as a map to find the location of the foam.  But Stella has figured it out as well, and her forces are on their way there.


Gary battles against Stella’s army, and Guppy gets wounded!  Oh, no!



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