All-American 12 – Red, White and Blue investigate a bombing, Hop Harrigan gets a parade, A Thousand Years a Minute ends, and Gary Concord prepares for war with Tor


Whitey and Blooey get more prominence on the cover of All-American 12 (March 1940) than they usually do in the stories.


The bombing of a munitions plant is at the core of this Red, White and Blue story.  Once again, evidence points to an unnamed foreign country, and a resident from that country, Redi Rausch.


Doris takes a liking to Rausch, which puts her and Red at odds.  Once again, Doris is ahead of the boys, as it turns out Rausch is being framed by a third party, trying to incite war.


Hop Harrigan flies off in the new, experimental jet, simply to get away from Geraldine and Maurice, but winds up a big hero.  He flies into an area of Chinese refugees, and saves a big bunch of them.


Reporters are there, and cover the story, which makes Hop a big hero.  He is flying all the way across the country, and has no idea of the fame he has gained till he reaches New York.


There he gets an entire parade in his honour.  Hop has hit the big time!


Alan and Ted battle to escape the cavemen in this chapter of “A Thousand Years a Minute,” only succeeding because of help from the one they aided a couple of issue ago.


Ironically, that is the same one who gets shot.  It’s an accident, or friendly fire, I guess.  Ted feels bad about shooting their saviour in the head, but Alan just brushes it off.

So the first serial ended with the heroes abandoning the professor on Mars, and the second has them kill the caveman who saved their lives.  This is an odd series.


Gary Concord, Ultra-Man and his sidekick Guppy are being held captive by Tor’s men.  But Gary finds a soldier who remembers the good old, pre-fascist dictator days, and he frees the two.


Gary, Guppy and the turncoat make it back to the part of the US that Tor has not yet conquered, and prepare for war.  It’s taken a few issues, but we finally get some good science-fiction battle scenes.


Ultra-Man has the peace foam, as well as ships with atomic rays that destroy metal, so he’s feeling pretty confident as Tor’s forces approach.


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