All-American 13 – Gary Concord defeats Tor, Hop Harrigan struggles with fame, the Infra Red Destroyer begins,and Blooey turns invisible


Adventures in the Unknown get the cover of All-American 13 (April 1940) as their third serial, “The Infra Red Destroyers,” begins.


Gary Concord, Ultra-Man opens the issue with the climax of his war against the forces of Tor.  Gary’s ships spray Tor’s populace with the foam, which puts them to sleep.  It’s effective, if not particularly dramatic.


More exciting is the aerial war, as Ultra-Man’s atomic disintegrators prove useful against Tor’s fleet.


Guppy gets killed during the fighting, although his body is not found.  Gary erects a statue in his memory.  We also learn that Tor was captured alive, but has gone insane and is in an asylum.


Hop Harrigna finds himself far more popular than he ever hoped in this chapter, getting mobbed at a ceremonial dinner to honour him for saving for saving the Chinese refugees.


Geraldine is now jealous, after seeing pictures in the papers of Hop surrounded by women. His feeling for Geraldine have clearly changed, as her jealousy bothers him.


Most of this story actually deals with Hop uncovering a plot by saboteurs and exposing it, but he winds up in trouble with the law himself at the end.  His drunken guardian, not seen since the very first issue, wants Hop returned to him.


“The Infra Rad Destroyers” is the third serial in Adventures in the Unknown,” and features a murderous scientist, who uses infra-red rays to create invisibility.  I’m not clear on exactly how he does this.  His assistant understands, but the scientist kills him, so perhaps it’s best not to know.


Dr. Lazar’s servant is now working for the boys, who are living somewhere. I would guess they have taken over Lazar’s house, the same way they took over his servant.


Another scientist, Dr. Kane, seeks the boys out for help with a mysterious metal. This also makes me think they are in Lazar’s house.  No reason a prominent scientist should come to them otherwise.


Invisibility is also at the core of the Red, White and Blue story in this issue.  Silver threads are used to make clothing that turns an entire person invisible, in a scheme that makes even less sense than the one in Adventures in the Unknown.


Blooey’s naval uniform gets washed with the silver thread clothes, and this endows it with invisibility as well.  It even makes the parts of the body not covered by the clothes invisible.  They figure out, from the clothing, who the bad guys are and round them up.  A little on the bizarre side.



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