All-American 15 – Ultra-Man vs Marman’s Monsters, Ikky takes Miss Snap flying, and Alan gets kidnapped


Ultra-Man gets his final cover appearance ever (or at least his last in the 20th century) in All-American 15 (June 1940).


Carlotta stays around, now in the position of High Scientist, which does not stop her from wearing evening gowns.  She insists on accompanying Gary when news comes of Marman’s Monsters being released.


Despite their name, the monsters are under the control of a man named Garoo.  Which hardly makes him sound like the threat he is.  Gary makes the robotic monsters attack and kill Garoo. Once again, more like an adventure hero than a political leader.


Miss Snap pretty much moves in with Hop and Ikky as they work on the airplane.  She has retired from teaching, and has no need to go back.  The boys are polite, but want her to leave.


Ikky tries to make her want to leave by taking her on a crazy flight.  It makes him ill, but has no real effect on her.


Miss Snap winds up becoming the treasurer of their new company.  That’s probably a good idea, as she seems the most competent of the character in the series.  She also suggests that Hop Harrigan start a “flying club,” which is pretty clearly a fan club.


“The Infra Red Destroyers” plods along.  Alan gets captured by the evil scientist, and Ted is dismayed.


Not much else happens in this chapter, until the end, as Alan gets threatened with a snake, and the Venusians plan goes into action, with the destruction of a block of buildings.


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