All-American 17 – Green Lantern’s first case in costume, battling Venusians, and Gary Concord unmasks the Face


Green Lantern is now the unchallenged star of All-American Comics, with both the cover image and inset bullet on issue 17 (Aug. 40), as well as the lead story.


Alan Scott, still working as an engineer, becomes suspicious when a contract goes to a rival, even though Alan is sure that his bid was lower.  Investigating as Green Lantern, he scares the men into attacking him. Now, to be fair, the rival company is corrupt, but Alan is running roughshod over the law in the story by Finger and Nodell.


He gets knocked out by wood, again, bound and thrown into the river.  Of course Green Lantern escapes this, and returns, scaring the men even more, now that they think he is a ghost.


The story makes much of the “sign” of the Green Lantern, the impression of his ring on the face of a man he hits.  One must assume Alan willed the ring to do this, as it also leaves behind a green colour.


“The Infra Red Destroyers” gets some action in this chapter.  Ted finds and frees Alan, but they have to fight the Venusian snake-type aliens.


They do not manage to defeat them, but they do get away.  As the story ends, the tallest building in the US (the Empire State Building I assume, for the time) crumbles due to the evil scientist and the invisible aliens.


Gary Concord, Ultra-Man deals with the Face, who plays on the fear of a rival nation, Litonia, to try to draw the two countries into war.


The Face destroys a number of buildings with the “spinning death,” but a young boy survives, and has seen the real face of the Face.  The Face speaks with a Litonian accent, but is really Murdo, one of Concord’s own people.  Gary exposes the man, and averts a needless war.

There is an over-riding anti-war sentiment in this series.  While likely part of the concept of an ideal future, without war, these stories also clearly reflect the isolationist feeling in the US, as World War 2 grows.



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