All-American 18 – Green Lantern at the World’s Fair, The Infra Red Destroyers ends, Ma Hunkle stands up to gangsters, and Ultra-Man gets deposed


Green Lantern heads to the New York World’s Fair on the cover of All-American 18 (Sept. 40), and in the story inside as well.


Alan Scott meets Irene Miller in this story by Finger and Nodell, coming to her aid after stopping her from shooting a man.  Her brother has been framed by gangsters, and she has been driven to desperate measures.


Green Lantern sets out to prove the boy’s innocence.  He uses his ring to “read” the thoughts of one of the gang members.


The story does not use the World’s Fair location very much, but does reach a climax as Green Lantern fights a mob boss on the roof of the Perisphere.   The Lantern gets a confession before the man dies.  Irene Miller sticks around, becoming the romantic interest in the series.


The Infra Red Destroyers reaches its conclusion in this issue.  Alan and Ted quickly whip up a spray that neutralizes the Venusians.


With the spray, they have little trouble taking out the alien snake creatures.  So little trouble that it is clear that the kidnappings were in the story simply to fill it out.

Adventures in the Unknown takes a break next issue, but returns after that with their final serial.


Ma Hunkle gets the spotlight in this issue’s Scribbly story by Sheldon Mayer, as a protection racket tries to move in on her store.


Ma shows not the slightest bit of fear when faced with these goons, and actively picks a fight with them.  She displays all the courage and mettle that will later come to define her super-hero career, even if this story is played for comedy.


Gary Concord, Ultra-Man begins his final storyline in this issue, as an evil Asian nation is plotting against his country.  Ginger has a cameo towards the beginning, but is not important to the tale.


Gary wants to take action against them, but without using his country’s forces, and prompting a potential war.  So he allows himself to be framed and slandered, and is forced to resign his position.  He heads East, to the nation he suspects, and takes up life as a privileged exile.


Gary uncovers the female American biographer who is working as the go-between, passing messages from the Emperor and his men to the spies back home.  Ultra-Man dons a slightly different costume at the end of this story, one with pants, as he pursues the Emperor’s ship, which has already left for the US.

The story, and the series, concludes next issue.



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