All-American 20 – Alan Scott gets a new job, the Red Tornado debuts, the Atom goes to the dance and Rescue on Mars begins


Green Lantern gets the cover of All-American 20 (Nov. 40), a dramatic scene that does not appear in his story.


Finger and Nodell relate this tale as a radio announcer gets gunned down in the streets, muttering the words “tops” as he dies.  Green Lantern gets on the case.


Alan needs information he simply cannot get on his own, and mulls getting a job as an announcer, thinking that he could get the news faster that way.  But when he applies, he is told there are no positions.  But what about the announced just murdered? There has to be an opening, so clearly they are just lying to him.  Makes sense.  He’s a railroad engineer with no radio experience.


As Alan is leaving he runs into Irene Miller, who already works at Apex Studios.  She suggests that the word tops refers to a toothpaste company that advertises with them.  Alan and Irene got to check them out, and are promptly taken captive.


Alan changes to Green Lantern, but without using his ring for some reason.  Good thing he’s left alone. We also see that the ring is concealed beneath a roll-top covering.


He whups the bad guys as Green Lantern, and then changes back to Alan to free Irene.


Alan’s efforts do not go unrewarded, as he gets the announcer job he had applied for.


Ma Hunke’s troubles with the mob had continued over the last few issues, culminating with the kidnapping of her daughter, Sisty, and Scribbly’s brother, Dinky, in this Sheldon Mayer story.


The kids are such terrors that one fears for the safety of the kidnappers.


As the story ends, the Red Tornado shows up to rescue the two, and face off against the bad guys.


O’Connor, Flinton and Sansone have Al Pratt continue to try to win Mary James’ affections in this story.  There is a big dance at the college, but Mary has a date and Al doesn’t want to go.  Joe Morgan makes up a story about thieves planning to hit the dance to goad Al to attend.


Al is almost the definition of a wallflower at the ball.  But fortunately, some thieves do actually show up to rob the place.


The Atom gets into costume for the first time, fighting the hoods and saving Mary James.


How exactly this is supposed to win her over remains unclear.  While Mary admires the Atom, she has only contempt for Al at the end of the story.


Adventures in the Unknown begins its final storyline, Rescue on Mars, as Alan and Ted search for a rocket fuel that will allow them to travel back to Mars and rescue Professor Lutyens.


Because they are being spied on by others interested in the fuel, they recruit Jack, a boy Ted wrestles with at the gym, to hunt out anyone who might be after them.  Jack does a good job at this, I guess,because he gets kidnapped as the chapter ends.


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