All-American 22 – someone else wears the ring, a picture of the Red Tornado, and Rescue on Mars heads into space


Green Lantern winds up in a boxing story by Finger and Nodell in All-American 22 (Jan. 41).


It’s the fairly standard tale, with a young and honest boxer hassled by gamblers and mobsters.  They kidnap his wife to force him to lose the match.


The most interesting element of the story occurs when the Lantern gets captured.  Lots of wooden sticks being used by gangsters in this strip. One of the hoods removes Green Lantern’s ring, and puts it on himself.  The ring then burns him alive.  An extreme security measure.  Need I mention that Alan Scott captures the guys, frees the wife, and the boxer wins the match?


Scribbly gets an assignment to draw a picture of the Red Tornado for his newspaper in this Sheldon Mayer story.  Ma Hunkle is delighted to pose for the boy, who still thinks the Tornado is a guy.


When Scribbly complains to Ma about his rate of pay, and the way he is treated at the office, she puts the pot on her head and the Red Tornado pays a visit to the editor, beating the crap out of him.  It does get Scribbly a raise, but it’s a bit much.


All freed from their kidnappings and gassings, Ted, Alan adn Jack set sail for South America to finally head off to Mars.  They are very concerned about hiding their trail in case anyone follows, even lying to the ship’s captain.


At last they get the ship ready and take off, making it all the way to the other planet in the space of less than a page.  They seem to have fixed the heating problems, and no one wears any sort of space suit at all.  But no sooner do they land on Mars then they are taken captive.


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