All-American 23 – Green Lanterns wipes minds, Red Tornado goes ape, Hop Harrigan and the spies, Joe Morgan drugged, and a Martian telephone


Everett Hibbard joins Bill Finger on the Green Lantern story in All-American 23 (Feb. 41).


The story deals with an actress who is secretly the daughter of a jailed mobster, who is being blackmailed into marrying a gangster.


Finger gets a bit more creative with the ring in this story.  Green Lantern uses it in more flashy ways, and also wipes the minds of the bad guys, keeping the actress’ secret safe.


The Red Tornado joins the logo with Scribbly in this Sheldon Mayer story.  Ma beats up a kid who has been harrassing her daughter, dressed as the Red Tornado.  The police are now pursuing the hero, for fairly obvious reasons.


But it’s all still played for comedy.  The police chase the Red Tornado into a zoo.  Ma gives her costume to an ape, and the police spend the rest of the story chasing around the gorilla in the Red Tornado outfit.


There is some very nice on the Hop Harrigan story in this issue.  The tale itself is pretty standard.  Hop winds up flying a wealthy and arrogant European couple, who are really spies and saboteurs, trying to wreck their factory.


There are good, if small, roles for Ikky and Miss Snap in this.  And certainly the most sartorial villains that Harrigan has faced.


O’Connor, Flinton and Sansone have Joe Morgan victimized in this Atom story.  Joe gets drugged, and used as an unwitting thief.


Joe gets caught, and the police do not believe that he has no memory of his crimes.  But Al does, and gets into his Atom gear to track down and catch the ones behind it.


Ted and Alan get separated from Jack by the Martians in this chapter of Rescue on Mars.


There is still no sign of Professor Lutyens, and Alan and Ted are about to have their brains removed by the Martian robots.


Jack, meanwhile, escapes from the cell he has been held in. He tries on a Martian head, just for fun.  Then he discovers an Earth-style telephone on Mars.  The different shape of the Martian’s heads ensures they would never be able to use it comfortably, so you have to wonder why it is even there.  But Jack uses it, and finds Professor Lutyens on the other end.


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