All-American 24 – Green Lantern interrupts the court, the Cyclone Kids debut, Miss Snap throws the pies, and a chat with the master brain


Mart Nodell returns, joining Bill Finger as the Green Lantern investigates labour abuses on a Caribbean island in All-American 24 (March 1941).


Poor men in the US sign contracts to work for the company, and then are basically enslaved.  One escapes,making it back to the US.  He knows Irene Miller, who shares his story with Alan Scott.


Alan takes a month off work.  It’s surprisingly easy for him to do so, despite being hired less than a year earlier.  He enlists with the company, but once on the island, changes to Green Lantern.  He attempts t lead a revolt of the workers, but their spirits have been broken.  Lantern uses his ring to share his will power with the men, and then to protect them from the managers guns.


It’s an impressive outing, although a bit less so when he bursts into a courtroom and bullies the defendant into confessing.


Sheldon Mayer follows up the previous story, as the papers and police announce that the Red Tornado was a hoax, that it was always an ape in the costume.  Ma Hunkle gets back into the costume to show herself to the police, but gets stuck hanging from the building.


Dinky and Sisty are upset when they see the paper proclaim the Red Tornado a fake, and Sisty makes them both costumes.  They become the Cyclone Kids, sidekicks to the hero they then seek out.  They run into some criminals, and almost get into trouble, but at that point Ma gets loose and falls right on top of the bad guys.

Despite being Ma’s daughter, Sisty has no idea that she is trying to become her mother’s sidekick.


Foreign saboteurs are once again the problem in the Hop Harrigan story.  Parts are going missing from the factory, and they do not believe any of the workers are guilty.  Hop and Ikky explore the factory, and find a tunnel underneath.


Miss Snap checks out the nearby buildings, pretending to be selling pies.  She comes across some nasty German-speaking people, who promptly take her captive, and put her in the same tunnel Ikky has been exploring from the other side.


Hop and Ikky fight the bad guys, but it’s Miss Snap who is most impressive, flinging pies with a eagle eye.


Rescue on Mars moves towards its conclusion in this chapter.  Jack tries to impersonate a Martian, but doesn’t do very well at it.  But that scarcely matters, as he finds Professor Lutyens.


Lutyens has made friends with the master brain of the Martians, and convinced him that he can build synthetic brains, which he and the boys do.


The issue also has an ad featuring two upcoming heroes, Dr. Mid-Nite and Sargon the Sorceror. In both cases, the ad briefly details their origins and powers.



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