All-American 28 – the Green Lantern signal, Red Tornado vs Red Tornado, the Guardian Angel unmasked, and Dr. Mid-Nite flies blind


Finger and Hasen handle the Green Lantern story in All-American 28 (July 1941).


The mysterious deaths of a number of millionaires leads Irene and Alan both to investigate. Doiby, who is now the official cab driver for Apex Broadcasting, tells Irene about some poisoners he has heard of. They go to confront the men, who knock Doiby out and take Irene captive.  Doiby sets off some green fireworks, which is a signal to Green Lantern.  Once again, one is reminded that Bill Finger writes Batman.


Once Green Lantern is on the track of the killers and kidnappers, the story moves very quickly towards its resolution.


Scribbly gets a small role in this Red Tornado story, by Sheldon Mayer.  Even the logo reflects the change of importance of the two characters.  The boy cartoonist lets Ma Hunkle know that Red Tornado is appearing live on the radio, promoting shaving cream and giving an interview.  Ma is enraged, and heads off to the studio.


The otherwise typical radio program turns into a battle royale between the real Red Tornado and the impostor.  Ma drives the phony out of the studio.  In a delightful coda, we see Uncle Gus lying on the couch at the end of the tale, covered in bruises.


It’s Hop Harrigan to the rescue as the Guardian Angel again in this tale.  Ikky and Prop continue to get sent on missions by the Secret Service, despite never being able to complete one without help.


This one takes them to Mexico, to root out foreign agents plotting against the US.


Ikky and Prop try to unmask Guardian Angel, but Hop is one stop ahead of them.  Really, they ought to have figured it out already, as they notice that the plane he is flying is made of parts from their own factory.


Dr. Mid-Nite also takes to the air in this story by Reizenstein and Aschmeier.  Dr. McNider notices an unusual plane beacon on a mountain, and heads up to check it out.  The beacon causes a plane to crash into the mountainside, and Dr. Mid-Nite learns that the beacon has been set by thieves waiting for a shipment of gold.


Although we have not been told that McNider has any experience flying, he boards the plane carrying the gold, knocks out the pilot and takes the controls himself.  He does display great skill at flying in darkness, and even uses a blackout bomb when fighting with the thieves at the conclusion of the tale.


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