All-American 32 – Green Lantern in disguise, Ikky’s real name, and Dr. Mid-Nite in Washington DC


Finger and Hasen’s Green Lantern story in All-American 32 (Nov. 41) puts the hero into a story that features a young man, framed for a crime, and arrested by his policeman father, who has no faith in his child.


This type of story was common in the early 40s, and feels like a Warner Brothers gangster movie, with Green Lantern wedged into it.


Green Lantern has more faith in the boy, Danny, than his father does.  Working with the lad, Danny pretends to join a gang, while the Lantern disguises himself as one of the members, and together they get the evidence to bring the gang down, and prove Danny’s innocence.  Curiously, Alan does not use the ring for his disguise, but wears a mask on his face.


Even though many of Green Lantern’s stories so far have been, to be frank, mediocre, he gets his own book.  The concept was great, even if the tales rarely lived up to the idea.


Ikky Tinker is the main character in this month’s Hop Harrigan story, as we,and all the other characters, learn his full name: Tutankhamen Anastasius Angustora Ichabod Tinker.  A messenger comes from his deceased uncle, trying to deliver his inheritance.  Ashamed of his name, Ikky hides out in one of the new bulletproof tanks he has designed.


Fortunately for him, the tanks prove to be a success, and the military decides to buy them.  Instead of being known by his full name, Ikky gains a new nickname, Tank Tinker.


Charles McNider and Myra Mason (and Hooty) head to Washington DC, in this story by Reizenstein and Aschmeier, so that McNider can meet with the FBI and get information for the stories that he writes.  But instead, his briefcase gets stolen, and Dr. Mid-Nite winds up in a chase with foreign spies.


Primarily, I included this story for the one page that has Mid-Nite descending the fire escape outside a building.  I often do not care for Aschemier’s work, but this really conveys Dr. Mid-Nite’s determination to catch up to the thief.



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