All-American 33 – Doiby fights the union, Doris dyes her hair, and the motorcycle dissolves


Finger and Nodell have Doiby in a deadly situation when the cabbies decide to unionize in All-American 33 (Dec. 41).


It is made clear that the union as formed by the drivers is good.  It is only when an outside union, run by mobsters, muscles in that the problems begin.


Doiby gets some action, but of course it’s Green Lantern who routs the bad guys, and ensures that the good union organizer triumphs.


Wentworth and Harry Lampert give Doris West a starring role in this adventure.  Red, White and Blue have caused so much trouble for the (presumably) German agents that the high command decides to have them eliminated.


The boys get captured, but Doris sees what’s going on and goes into action.


She captures one of the German agents, a woman.  She dyes her hair blonde and takes her place, finding and saving the boys.


Sadly, the ending reduces her to crying in Red’s arms, worried about her attractiveness.


Up until now the Atom has dealt with very commonplace criminals, nothing that stretched the imagination very much.  O’Connor, Flinton and Sansone change things up here, as a professor at Calvin College creates a universal solvent.


Al and Mary James are there when hoods burst in to steal it.  Mary gets taken, along with a water pistol of the “termite” solution, as they call it.


Although the solvent does not affect the water pistol, it is capable of completely dissolving the motorcycle the Atom rides as he chases the thief.




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