All-American 34 – Green Lantern framed for murder, and Dr.Mid-Nite vs Dr. Kwack


In All-American 34 (Jan. 42) Finger and Hasen have Green Lantern discover the depths of corruption in his city.


A bridge collapse leads Green Lantern to uncover graft in the construction.  He informs the mayor, but the politician is part of the problem.  He orders a man killed to silence him, and then announces that Green Lantern is guilty of the murder.


Wanted by the police, and hated by the public, Green Lantern nevertheless steps up when another bridge threatens to fall into the river. A whole page is dedicated to showing him holding the bridge together until the people can get to safety.  This convinces the crowd that Green Lantern could not be a killer.  It also almost wipes Alan Scott out, and he comments that this was the most difficult thing he has had to do.


The story also has as delightful ending.  The mayor attempts to flee, but gets into Doiby’s can to do so, and Doiby takes him straight to Green Lantern.


Dr. Mid-Nite finally gets a story that makes the most of his medical talents, in this tale by Reizenstein and Aschmeier.


Charles McNider hears about Dr. Kwack, who makes outrageous claims about his ability to cure any diseases.  Investigating, Mid-Nite discovers that Kwack is actually infecting those who come to see him, so that he can then charge them for expensive cures.


Dr. Mid-Nite exposes and takes down the phony doctor, and also devises a real cure for the patients Kwack had infected.



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