All-American 36 – Doiby wins the race, and Tank wins the girl


Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles head to the racetrack in All-American 36 (March 1942).


A new engine is being tested out in a racecar in this Finger and Hasen tale, and the military are interested in possibly using it.  But two racers in a row die while driving the car.  Green Lantern rescues the first from a crash, but he dies of poison.  With the second, Lantern takes over driving the car himself, the driver already being dead.


Alan Scott convinces the engine’s developers to let Doiby Dickles drive the car, after building him up as one of the best drivers in the country.  Apparently the bad guys believe this, as they do not even wait for Doiby to get behind the wheel before trying to kill him.


Alan figures out that the previous drivers were poisoned by the wheel, and insists that Doiby wear gloves during the race.  As Green Lantern, he prevents the foreign agents from sabotaging the race itself, and rounds them up.  Doiby is triumphant, and the military buy the engine.  The whole motive for the murders was to discredit the engine, and prevent the army from acquiring it.


Hop Harrigan gets pushed to the side again as the story continues to follow Tank and the female doctor on the medical emergency in Alaska.  They get lead to a trading post, instead of the mining town they were heading for, which is being used a hideout for killers on the run from the Mounties.  As they are in Alaska, they would have no chance of being caught by Mounties, but I guess national borders were not clear in the author’s mind.


Tank proves himself a hero, taking on the roughnecks, as Hop tries to find where they have been taken.  By the time Hop makes it to them, Tank has already defeated the killers, and won the girl.


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