All-American 40 – Doiby turns green, Hop heads to Randolph Field, and the Atom vs the Tusk


Doiby Dickles is once again the centre of Finger and Hasen’s Green Lantern story in All-American 40 (July 42).


People from the far off Asian land of Kafoon come in search of the incarnation of their god Dhoy Bee.  And who do you think looks just like, but Doiby Dickles.  They want him to come back and serve as their (figurehead) ruler, but Doiby is reluctant.  They hypnotize him, and dye him green to match the god.


But to lure Doiby, the people have turned to crime.  This has brought them to the attention of gangsters, who want to steal their idol.  It’s a complicated, but entertaining story.


Geraldine drops by the homestead to fill in Tank,Prop and Miss Snap on Hop Harrigan’s time as an aviation cadet.  Two new cadets are introduced in this story, a rural boy, nicknamed Spud, and a Brit, who they call Blimey.


Spud is not much of a flier, but the message of the story is that there is no shame at all in becoming a mechanic, working on the planes and keeping them flying.


Blimey gets a bit heavier treatment, as we see that his mother was killed in an air raid.  Hop gets accepted to Randolph Field, called the “West Point” of the air.


O’Connor, Flinton and Sansone give the Atom an impressive foe in this story, the Tusk.  Al Pratt gets attacked by a respectable businessman who has gone mad.  As the Atom, he learns that there have been a number of such incidents.


He finds the one behind it, a rival businessman.  Using a combination of brainwashing and disguise he has been exacting a twisted revenge.  This villain could very easily have made a return, but unfortunately never did.


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