All-American 44 – Green Lantern gets framed (again), and beats up Hitler and Mussolini


After the mayor tried and failed to frame Green Lantern for murder, you’d think no one would be silly enough to try it again, particularly not so soon.  But, in fact, that is what happens in the story by Finger, Hasen and Harry Tschida in All-American 44 (Dec. 42).


In this case it’s a radio announcer, on a rival station, who lays the blame on Green Lantern.  As Green Lantern knows perfectly well that he is innocent, he becomes suspicious of the announcer right away.  The crimes are well thought out and highly planned.  Had the announcer not blamed Green Lantern, his scheme might have worked.


There is a really nice scene with a woman protecting Lantern from a cop hunting from him.  Doiby gets into his Lantern costume again, joining Alan as they chase the announcer, who dies in a plane he rigged to kill his next victim.


The issue also contains a two-page public service announcement, a patriotic message that has Green Lantern and Doiby come to the aid of the Statue of Liberty, being menaced by Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini.

This story actually appears in the pages of Young All-Stars, being shot as a newsreel film.


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