All-American 45 – Green Lantern and the heiress, Hop Harrigan graduates, and Red Tornado confronts Sheldon Mayer


Finger, Hasen and Tschida giveus a bit more information on Apex Broadcasting in All-American 45 (Dec. 42).


The “executive manager and principal stockholder” of Apex is B.F. Millsom, who has a spoiled young ward, Donna Dave, an heiress who decides she wants to work in radio – although her primary interest seems to be in landing a boyfriend.  She pursues Alan Scott at first, now given the title Managing Engineer.  Irene is none too pleased about this.  Doiby is enchanted with her, and tries to win Donna over by dressing in his Green Lantern outfit. That works about as well as one would expect.


Green Lantern seems to have a different oath in this story – although perhaps he is just bragging as he charges the ring.  Once Donna has seen the Lantern, he becomes the one she wants.  Knowing that he shows up when crimes happen, she arranges a fake kidnapping, which turns into a real one.


Her behaviour does not impress Green Lantern at all, but Doiby remains devoted to her, and at the end she seems smitten by him as well, the only man who didn’t lose faith in her.


Hop Harrigan finishes his training in this chapter.


He excels in the air, so much so that his superior challenges him to a dogfight “game.”  No bullets are used, but it’s still a deadly aerial battle, which Hop triumphs at.


Tank, Prop and Miss Snap show up for his graduation. You have to wonder where Geraldine is.  To his dismay, Hop, who is made a lieutenant, is not going to be heading for the front lines, but instead is being kept in the US as a flight instructor.


Sheldon Mayer appears in this Red Tornado (and Scribbly) story, the high point of the series, as far as I am concerned.  Ma Hunkle is getting tired of the intro she and the Cyclone Kids receive, issue after issue, and decides to complain to Mayer about it.


Literally from the first panel this story starts going “meta,” and gets even moreso when Sheldon Mayer shows up to defend his series to the characters who populate it.


You have to feel a bizarre sympathy for the writer/artist, as he deals with characters who only want to complain.  The references to Green Lantern and Superman, as well as their creative teams, is a hoot.


The beautifully designed final page crowns this gem.



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