All-American 46 – The Dickles family, Hop Harrigan leads the crew, and Red Tornado on a string


Doiby Dickles unusual extended family get introduced in a very entertaining murder mystery in All-American 45 (Jan. 43).  As well, Hop Harrigan replaces Green Lantern in the bullet on the cover, and will be featured on many covers of this book in the coming year.


Finger, Hasen and Tschida have a lot of fun with the Dickles family in this tale.  After introducing the cast on the splash page, the story sees them assemble, due to the will of a long-dead ancestor, in the family manor.


The story falls into the familiar structure, with potential heirs being killed off.  Green Lantern has tagged along, and works with Doiby to solve the mystery.  Lantern really is more of a supporting character in this story.


Decent clues and a solid resolution help make this one of the best Green Lantern stories to date.


Hop Harrigan begins his career as a flight instructor, having to train a man who was in his class, but failed to pass.  The story also brings back much of the supporting cast, as Prop becomes a major, and both he and Tank begin working on the planes at the base.


Cecil Giltedge also returns, Hop’s rival for Geraldine.  The two boys are none too pleased to be on a bombing run together, and even less so when they both find that Geraldine has written each of them the exact same letter.  But they work together on the mission, and as both are now upset with Geraldine, the boys become friends.


Sheldon Mayer gives Scribbly a major role in his series for the first time in a while, as his editor assigns him to find out the identities of the Red Tornado and the Cyclone Kids.  Doodling, he notices that Ma Hunkle, Dinky and Sisty could well be the identities of the trio.


But Ma realizes that Scribbly suspects them.  She arranges with the children to have a stuffed Red Tornado appear while she is at the window with Scribbly.  Her ruse works, and the story ends with Scribbly insisting that they are the three people he knows for certain are not the Tornado and the Cyclone Kids.



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