All-American 47 – Hop Harrigan gets the cover, Dr. Mid-Nite and the cave creature, and the Red Tornado vs a Nazi sub


Hop Harrigan replaces Green Lantern on the cover of All-American 47 (Feb. 43), although the Lantern does get to appear in the bullet insert.


Although Hop Harrigan continues to be called an instructor, in this and other stories he functions more like a test pilot.  Here he flies an unusual jet, designed by Tank and Prop.


It proves a rousing success, as Hop takes out three Japanese planes in his first trial flight.


Reizenstein and Aschmeier have Dr. McNider called upon to explore some caves, operating nuder the (somewhat reasonable) notion that blind people would explore caves more effectively than the sighted.  They are hoping to open them to tourists, but a glowing cave monster man is posing a threat.


The villain and the location make for some great visuals, even though the ending goes a little Scooby-Doo, with the monster being a fake, the man trying to prevent the cave from opening so he can exploit the vein of copper discovered.  Dr. Mid-Nite also spotted the copper, thanks to his night vision, and figured out what the scheme was.


Usually the Red Tornado stories stuck very close to home, dealing largely with the family and the neighbourhood.  Mayer takes this one a little further afield, as Scribbly accompanies his editor on a civila defense flight, and they wind up captured by Nazis on a submarine.


When Scribbly does not return, a worried Dinky tells Ma Hunkle about his missing brother.  Along with Sisty, they go into action as the Red Tornado and Cyclone Kids.  They more or less stumble across the Nazi sub, and fight the invaders from above, as Scribbly does his best from in the sub.  The tale has a great ending, as Scribbly brags to Ma Hunkle about defeating the Nazis in their sub, and she pretends that he is simply telling a tall tale.


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