All-American 49 – Doiby does ballet, and Hop Harrigan meets Hippity


Doiby Dickles cab, Goirtude, gets to narrate its life story in All-American 49 (April 1943).  This is the first time the cab gets a name, but the story makes it clear that Goitrude has been Doiby’s cab from the start.


In fact, their history goes all the way back to World War I, according to Finger, Hasen and Jon Kozlack.  Doiby drove Goitrude in her heyday as a limousine for a general.  After the war Goitrude hit hard times, and was used as a getaway car for gangsters.


Doiby wound up finding her in a used car lot, and they have been together ever since.


The rest of the story deals with a scam talent school.  To get evidence, Green Lantern gets Doiby to enlist in the school to study ballet.  Goitrude gets heavily damaged in an accident, but is repaired by the end of the story.  And once again, Green Lantern himself is really virtually Doiby Dickles’ sidekick.


Hop Harrigan’s strip has pretty much shed the facade of him being an instructor, as he and his gang are now at a secret base in Alaska, running spying missions against Japan.


Geraldine and Miss Snap drop by for a visit, and Geraldine sticks around, becoming a welder.


As this chapter ends we meet the extremely creepy Hippity.  The boy, who stares blankly and never speaks, is the sole survivor of an attack on a ship, and sticks around for a while.


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