All-American 50 – Green Lantern goes west, and Sargon the Sorcerer ends


All-American 50 (June 1943) features Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles in a western setting, as per the cover, but is also the last appearance of Sargon the Sorcerer in these pages for a couple of years.

Bill Finger’s story is quite good, with art by Hasen and Tschida.  A movie is going to made in a old west ghost town, but some of the people who live around it have ties to the legend that the film is based on.


Once again Doiby is all but the star of this tale, with Green Lantern taking care of the serious action.  There is a bit more of it than usual, with the complex plot of trying to disrupt the production.


Sargon the Sorcerer has one of his more exciting adventure, just as the series, by Wentworth and Purcell, comes to a close.  Sargon deals with a highly organized mob, and does so with more creativity than normal.


For the first time, he uses the Ruby’s effect on himself, shrinking to travel through a telephone wire.  Then he resorts to his more typical ploys, making various objects go haywire, and attack the villains.


While the series never approached the magic level of the Spectre or Dr, Fate, it rarely even lived up to the Zatara stories from this period.  Sargon had a few more stories in Comic Cavalcade before his series got a reboot a couple years down the road.




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