All-American 51 – Green Lantern and the zodiac murders, and Hippity goes flying


Finger, Hasen and Kozlak give Green Lantern a really entertaining murder mystery in All-American 51 (July 1943), as he tries to prevent a series of murders based on the zodiac.


Astro, a phony psychic, gets exposed and vows revenge.  The people involved then begin getting murdered in ways appropriate to the zodiacal sign they were born under.  Doiby is part of this adventure, but in this case he does what a sidekick ought to do, and leaves the bulk of the story to the hero.


The methods of murder are often clever, and the story takes some very good twists.  Green Lantern finds Astro, dead from suicide, with a confession in his hand.  But Astro was not the killer, simply another victim in this elaborate charade.


Hippity returns in this Hop Harrigan story. He still does not speak.  Geraldine tries to take care of him, but the boy is more interested in attacking the soldiers.


Hippity steals a plane, and Hop goes flying off after him.  The boy finds a secret Nazi fuel supply, which leads to a dogfight with a Nazi pilot.  I love the touch that has the German speaking in Gothic lettering.  And though Hippity does succeed in shooting down the flyer, he still gets punished for taking one of the planes.


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