All-American 54 – Green Lantern and the Egyptian exhibit, Dr. Mid-Nite operates from inside a body, and Hippity forms the Para-tots


Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles head to the west coast in All-American 54 (Dec. 43), and wind up fighting thieves in an Egyptian art exhibition.


Bill Finger is joined by Paul Reinman and Sam Burlockoff on this story.  Alan Scott is now referred to as the trouble-shooter for Apex Broadcasting, as is sent to check out things with their west coast affiliate.  Doiby must have a new job as well, as he comes with him on the train ride across the country.


There they get involved in stopping a plan to rob a museum showcasing artifacts from ancient Egypt.  They are being moved to keep them safe in case of an air raid, and the thieves have stumbled across the plans for this, taking advantage of them. Or trying to, at least, before Green Lantern stops them cold.


Reizenstein and Ashmeier send Dr. Mid-Nite inside a human body in this story.  Dr. McNider is approached to examine a machine that will shrink people.  He determines that it works, but then needs to put it to use when a man gets shot, and the bullet is too near his heart to operate.


Dr. Mid-Nite shirnks down and goes inside the body, battling germs, and then using the shrinking ray on the bullet itself, making it too small to cause any problems.  This all happens in the first half of the story.  The second half has him track down and capture the shooter.


Hippity gets the starring role in this month’s Hop Harrigan story, as both he and Hop get captured by the Nazis, and sent to a camp full of prisoners from around the world. The adults are closely guarded, but the children are not.  Hippity, who still does not speak, meets with a number of these children.


They form a brigade, referred to as the Para-tots, and attack their German jailers, escaping, and freeing the adult prisoners as well.  Hop cannot understand how Hippity managed to organize this without speech, but it turns out Hippity can communicate through Morse code, which enough of the other children understand.

Bascially, it’s the Hop Harrigan version of the Boy Commandos.


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