All-American 59 – Green Lantern and the compulsive liar, and Scribbly and the Red Tornado end


The late war years were not a great time for comics.  All-American 59 (July 1944) is not an exception to that.  But it is the final appearance of Scribbly and the Red Tornado in this book.


Green Lantern’s story, by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman, deals with a compulsive liar, who spins a tale to Green Lantern about Nazi agents destroying his life, after his lies cost him his job and his girlfriend.  Green Lantern believes him, and, of course, as the story proceeds there does turn out to be a Nazi plot after all.


On the plus side, the story is not played for comedy, and while Doiby is a central part of the tale, his role does not overshadow that of Green Lantern.


The Red Tornado and the Cyclone Kids make their final appearances in costume in the Scribbly tale by Sheldon Mayer in this issue.  Although they, and the rest of the characters, spend the entire tale as barnyard animals.  A clear sign that the strip has lost its direction.


While Scribbly would return later in the year in the Big All-American one-shot, and then move into his own series, Ma Hunkle, Dinky and Sisty would never don the costumes again, appearing only as themselves in later stories.


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