All-American 70 – Green Lantern and the leprechaun, the Atom and Sargon the Sorcerer return


In All-American 70 (Jan/Feb. 46) Bester and Reinman give Green Lantern a magical impish character to deal with.


Gooley is a leprechaun who gets snagged by a jet and carried across the Atlantic.  The first man he meets in the US is a criminal, who is more than happy to use the creature’s magical powers in his thefts.


Although it is never clear if the leprchaun is correct about this, he believes that he is related to Doiby Dickles, who he comes across when Green Lantern and Doiby try to stop the crimes he is involved with.


Gooley also takes a liking to Green Lantern, and has no problem discerning that he is really Alan Scott.  The leprechaun does not come across as evil, but his complete lack of caring about the effects of his actions makes him a threat to Green Lantern, who fears Gooley may give away his secret.  As for Gooley, he finds himself torn between doing what his criminal buddies ask of him, or helping Doiby and Lantern stop them.


Gooley chooses the side of good, but does not get any sort of reward for doing so. In fact, Green Lantern uses the ring to freeze him, and keeps the leprechaun in his trophy room.  We’ve never seen this room before, but after Batman, I guess every hero needed one.


The Atom returns to the pages of All-American, along with his creative team of Joseph Greene and Joe Gallagher.  We discover that Al Pratt has been picking up the aggressive nature and rough speech patterns of the hoods he has been fighting for the past five years.  So much so that he is getting into trouble for it.


We also meet Al’s younger cousin, Stacy Hogan, a rough kid who talks like a hood as well.  While minding his own speech, Al “arranges” for Stacy to meet the Atom, and spend the day with him, seeing that the gangsters the boy admires are nothing to be looked up to.


Al turns the boy over to Mary James for some refinement, and though Stacy is talking like a gentleman by the end of the tale, Mary has started speaking street.


Sargon the Sorcerer had been appearing in the pages of Sensation Comics at this point, but comes back over to All-American for the introduction of his sidekick, Maximillian O’Leary, in a story by John Wentworth and Joe Kubert.  Maximillian is a wanna-be magician.  He’s even a wanna-be magician’s assistant.


He does not choose great spots to show off his sleight of hand skills.  In fact, when Sargon meets the man he assumes that O’Leary is trying to rob the box office, as does the cashier whose money he has taken.  But Max is on the up and up, as Sargon soon discovers.


Maxmillian helps Sargon round up some actual thieves, and Sargon takes him on as his official onstage assistant, and offstage sidekick.

The story ends announcing that Sargon will continue in All-American, but this was in reality a one-off, and his strip remains in Sensation Comics.


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