All-American 71 – Doiby becomes a human bomb, and Red, White and Blue ends


Red, White and Blue comes to an end in All-American 71 (March 1946).  Their series was so immersed in World War 2 it was difficult to alter it to suit the post-war era.


Green Lantern still holds the cover and the lead spot, with a story by Harry Kuttner and Reinman.  A mad scientist has created an artificial daughter, and sends her out to capture a man in order to transform him into a human bomb.  Doiby is the one taken.  Green Lantern tries to stop her, but he gets knocked out.


Criminals learn that Doiby has the ability to explode, and want to get their hands on him.  Lantern actually gets knocked out a second time during the course of the story, but revives in time for the big finale.


The tale comes to a bizarre conclusion, one that makes no sense in relation to the first couple of pages, as the scientists turn out to be psychologists, and reveal that Doiby never was turned into a human bomb, it was all a really over-the-top experiment to see how someone would react in such a situation.  Drina, the daughter, is a real woman, but looks nothing like she did earlier in the story.


Since the end of the war, the Red, White and Blue series has all been done as letters to Doris, relating the actions of the three men.  They are in China in this tale, still helping the Chinese against the Japanese.


The story is quite racist about the Chinese, which is weird, as they are the good guys in the tale, who the heroes are helping.  I guess it just goes to show the huge level of racism prevalent at the time.

As we never see or hear from Red, White and Blue again, I have to think they remained in China after the war, and likely got caught up in the civil war that broke out between Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Tse Tung, and likely died during it.


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