All-American 74 – Doiby gets magic shoes, and the Flash helps out Winky, Blinky and Noddy


The leprechaun returns to cause more trouble for Green Lantern and Doiby Dickles in the Bester and Reinman story in All-American 74 (June 1946).


Alan Scott does a story on the leprechaun, despite his superior’s dismay that he is saying leprechauns are real.  His broadcast has the effect of making people talk about the creature, which is all that is needed to power him up enough that he can un-freeze himself and escape from Green Lantern’s trophy room.


Still, his role in this story is pretty small.  Still believing Doiby to be a relative, he creates magical “safety shoes” for him, which are intended to keep him out of trouble.  In fact, they provide most of the chaos on the story.


It’s nowhere near as fun as the first story with the leprechaun, and no great loss that he never appears again.


Winky, Blinky and Noddy get jobs putting up advertising posters in this story by Hibbard.


It’s pure slapstick chaos, and pretty good, for what it is.


The Flash shows up on the final page, succeeding where they failed.  The ad itself, about workplace safety, is suitably ironic.


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