All-American 82 – Green Lantern and the gangster of love, Winky, Blinky and Noddy end, and Dr. Mid-Nite vs Dr. Light


Green Lantern’s villain gets a cover appearance on All-American 82 (Feb. 47), in all their purple checked suited glory.


Cleve Klang is on trial for an assortment of charges, including murder, as this Bester and Reinman story begins.  Despite plenty of evidence, he is acquitted, as everyone in the courtroom has become really enamoured of him.


Green Lantern discovers that Cleve has managed to acquire an ancient Babylonian “love magnet,” the source of all this affection.  As long as Cleve has it, no one can make a move against him, not even the Lantern.  Banks are happy to give him their money, and Green Lantern becomes his servant.


For a while, Doiby and Lantern try to get around this by going overboard with it.  Cleve gets too much of everything, as they hope this will make him throw the magnet away.  But eventually Alan uses his ring to reverse the polarity of the love magnet, making everyone hate Cleve, who winds up running to the hero to save him, by arresting him.

While it’s a shame that Green Lantern did not reverse the polarity from the start, it is a really different way of using his ring, presumably the first time he had done such a thing.


Winky, Blinky and Noddy’s series comes to an end in All-American with this circus-based story by Harry Lampert.  While Hibbard was on the art, the strip somehow looked a bit more “serious,” though it was always played for laughs.  But I find with Lampert, who also did the story in the previous issue, it just becomes another “funny” series.


The trio continue to appear in Flash Comics and All-Flash, so it’s not like ending their series here got rid of the characters.


Bearing no resemblance to the Justice League of America villain with the same name, Dr. Light pits himself against Dr. Mid-Nite in this Stan Aschmeier tale.


A thoroughly logical foe for Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Light uses devices that employ bright and/or intense light for his crimes.  Lasers are the obvious choice, but he also uses light to distract people from his crimes.  Mid-Nite’s blackout bombs prove successful against Dr. Light’s weaponry, although McNider sprains his ankle in their first encounter, and the felon flees.


Each of the two up their game, and their gear, for their their second encounter.  Really, Dr. Light does not have a chance, as Dr. Mid-Nite is capable of functioning in the light, while Light is useless in the dark.



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