All-American 83 – Black Pirate returns, and Hop Harrigan’s family secrets


The Black Pirate returns in All-American 83 (March 1947), but the cover goes to Mutt and Jeff, a popular newspaper strip which ran in this book.  Green Lantern is in the corner bullet, but clearly is having trouble holding the book.


Paul Reinman takes over the art as the Black Pirate comes back, with his son/sidekick Justin.  His wife Donna makes a rare appearance in the strip.  The story has an alien show up in the second panel, which is almost enough to make one wonder why they chose to revive this historical adventure series, but the story proves to be much better than it might have.


The alien brings the Black Pirate and Justin to his world to fight against the mountain men who are disrupting the food supply of the pampered city dwellers.  While the mountain men never get shown as anything other than barbaric, the overall message is that one needs to be prepared to fight to maintain one’s society.


Hop Harrigan’s background, never explored yet in his long run, is the focus of this month’s story.  Miss Snap turns out to have concealed letters for many years from Hop’s dead father.  He had told Hop that his mother had died, but in fact, she had left him.


Hop’s father is seen for the first time, in a flashback, giving Miss Snap the letters.  She finally turns them over to Hop, who goes seeking his mother, who went back to her own family in Colombia.


Hop and Tank head south in search of her, and while the mother proves to have died many years earlier, Hop does meet his aunt, and discovers that he has a sister, who Tank promptly falls in love with.


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