All-American 85 – the Sportsmaster debuts


Green Lantern gets the cover of All-American 85 (May 1947), but the story inside, which introduces one of his major villains, has no connection to the image.


John Broome, Irwin Hasen and John Belfi open the story on “Crusher” Crock, an exceptional all-around athlete, who nonetheless gets barred from most sports for his antagonistic and violent behaviour.


He leads a gang in robbing a polo match, all of them wearing costumes to conceal their identities.  The wooden mallet proves dangerous for Green Lantern, but Doiby comes to his aid.  It doesn’t take long before Alan suspects that Crock is behind the series of sports related crimes, and, indeed, he openly admits this to Green Lantern, announcing his plan to become the “King of Sports.”


Crock appears to die at the end of the tale, following a sword fight with Green Lantern.  We even see his grave and headstone.  But the character clearly proved popular with the readers, and returned a few months down the road in Green Lantern’s own comic, taking on the monicker Sportsmaster.


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