All-American 90 – the Icicle debuts


Kanigher, Hasen and Belfi introduce another classic Green Lantern villain in All-American 90 (Oct. 47), the Icicle.


Alan Scott is covering the arrival of a ship from Europe, carrying noted scientist Joar Makhent.  Just before the ship docks, it and the harbour are suddenly covered in ice.


Investigating, Green Lantern finds Makhent missing, and most of the other passengers frozen.  Shortly thereafter, the Icicle debuts, leading a gang that uses ice-guns to freeze people and create ice bridges.  They attack what is called Television City, which is clearly meant to be Rockefeller Plaza.


Although Makhent appears to be a victim of the Icicle, and a known thief is suspected of his murder, in fact the Icicle is Joar Makhent himself.  He had invented the freeze gun, and planned to fake his death and begin a crime spree.  Apparently he did not feel that patenting this amazing gun would get him enough money.

The Icicle returns in a couple of months.


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