All-American 92 – the Icicle returns


The Icicle returns with a cover story by Kanigher and Alex Toth in All-American 92 (Dec. 47).


Alan Scott’s radio show may strive for authenticity, but it always seems to go a bit too far.  While dramatizing the events of the Icicle’s first case, the actor playing the villain turns out to actually be the Icicle, and kidnaps Alan.  The story also brings back Lorna Dawn, a secret service agent who was part of the first Icicle tale.


The Icicle brings Alan Scott to a South American country, and turns him over to Galazar, a rebel leader, who wants to use Scott’s skills to block radio transmissions as he overthrows the government.  As neither the Icicle nor Galazar realize that Alan is the Green Lantern, they do not take proper steps to secure him, and he easily escapes.


Green Lantern and the Icicle have a really well drawn battle on the mouth of a volcano.  The volcano serves to protect Green Lantern as the Icicle triumphs in this fight.  I should also note that Toth alters the Icicle’s costume.  Not a lot, but it looks far better than it did in the previous tale.


Galazar’s overthrow succeeds, at least in the short term, but he and his men then turn on the Icicle.  Makhent was expecting this, and turns the tables, killing Galazar before moving on to his real goal, stealing the country’s treasury.  But Green Lantern puts a stop to that.

The Icicle returns in a few months in the pages of All-Star Comics, as a member of the Injustice Society.



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