All-American 93 – the Harlequin passes the pen, and Black Pirate duels his son


The Harlequin is back in All-American 93 (Jan. 48), in a story by Kanigher and Hasen.


Hoping to lure the Harlequin by making her jealous, Green Lantern asks Molly Mayne out on a date.  She has formed yet another criminal gang since her last outing, and by pure coincidence, the Lantern takes her to the Palladium, which her gang intends to rob the same evening.  She gets into costume to try to stop her gang so the date can go on.


The Harlequin stories are already falling into a very repetitive pattern, which is a shame.  Her gang capture Green Lantern, and intend to kill him, despite her pleas not to.  She gives him a small torch, disguised as a pen, so he can escape their death-trap.


Her gang then turn on her, and Green Lantern has to save her life.  In this story, he actually does manage to take her to jail,but she promptly escapes, thanks to her hypnotic glasses.

While I do really enjoy the bizarre relationship between these co-workers, the stories themselves need a dash more creativity.


The Black Pirate also gets a flirtatious female villain in this story, by Peddy and Sachs, the Golden Pirate.


Justin Valor is the first to encounter her, as he enters a town just as her ship is raiding them.  Justin gets captured, and she uses a potion to remove his will and make the boy her slave.


The Black Pirate catches up with them, still wearing his snazzy hat.  The Golden Pirate orders Justin to duel his father.  Not wanting to kill his on son, Jon Valor concedes, and agrees to take the potion as well.  But it turns out he had already been immunized against it, and was just playing for time.  He has the antidote, enough for all her men, so the Golden Pirate jumps into the sea to escape.


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