All-American 101 – Johnny Thunder defends John Tane


Kanigher and Toth continue with the Johnny Thunder series in All-American 101 (Sept. 48).


A couple write to Johnny Thunder, begging him to come and convince their son to attend John Tane’s school.  The boy wants to be a gunslinger, but Johnny gives the boy a (relatively uninspiring) speech about the importance of school.

He also stands up for the school, and his alternate identity, to Sheriff Tane.  The Sheriff dismisses his son as doing woman’s work, and Johnny does a better job arguing about the importance of getting an education.


The meat of the story deals with some roughnecks trying to drive the couple off of their ranch.  Kathy’s brother Kit overhears their plans, and dresses up as Johnny Thunder to try to scare them off, but gets shot for his efforts.


Johnny stops the bad guys, and demonstrates the power of his temporary hair dye, which does not wash out when he winds up going into the river with them.  Makes one wonder how he removes it normally, which he does with rapid speed.



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