All American Western 107 – Johnny Thunder hunts a killer Cheyenne, an actor takes the Overland Coach, and a passage to manhood


An excellent Johnny Thunder cover by Toth and Giacoia on All American Western 107 (April/May 1949).


The cover artists are joined by Kanigher for the Johnny Thunder story itself, which opens as Kit Dunbar gets Johnny to show off his shooting skills to Kathy, piercing a number of coins through the centre so that she can have them strung.


And there is some excellent art on this tale, in which the townsfolk get enraged at the Cheyenne after they find a horse and baby, but not the rider, dead at the hands of the native.


Johnny gets checks with the peaceful Cheyenne, and his suspicions are confirmed, that the killer was not acting as part of the tribe, but against their wishes.  Johnny has to find the killer before the townsfolk take an unjust revenge against the other tribesmen.


It’s a good story, taut with suspense, that comes to a solid resolution.


Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia are the artists on a fun Overland Coach romp.


Tony Barrett picks up an actor and brings him to town.  He is enchanted with her, and eventually wears down her reluctance, convincing her to play Ophelia opposite his Hamlet for the town.  The Weevil Gang interrupt the performance, stealing her golden crown.  She sheds the ball gown and gets back into her work clothes to track down and capture the gang.


Of course, the crown is a fake, a stage prop, so the gang had really stolen nothing of value.


This issue also has a one-shot tale by Joe Kubert, relating the actions a young brave, Silent Star, goes through to achieve his war bonnet, the sign of adulthood.


Excellent art helps overcome the mish-mash of native cultures shown in the story.


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