All American Men of War 127 – a continuation, or a new series?


With issue 127 (Aug/Sept 52) All American Western becomes All American Men of War.  It ceases to have any continuing series, becoming a simple anthology of war stories.


The following issue is 128 (Oct/Nov 52), and all is normal.


But then, instead of issue 129, the Dec/Jan 52/53 is number 2!  Not number 3, which would tidily retroactively make this a new series.  Or even issue 1, starting a new book.  How on earth this became issue 2 is something that only they understood.  And as weird as it is, it happened in an identical way when Star Spangled Comics became Star Spangled War Stories.

Because I am only really focusing on series with recurring characters, or at least an overarching title and theme, I’ll be jumping wildly ahead in this book with the next blog entry.



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