All American Western 113 – Johnny Thunder gets a sidekick, and Overland Coach races the train


Swift Deer, a Cheyenne boy who takes the role of Johnny Thunder’s sidekick, not only appears on the cover of All American Western 113 (April/May 1950), but is even named on it.


Kanigher, Toth and Giella relate the tale, which sees Swift Deer start to attend John Tane’s school, despite the protests of the other children, who do not consider natives Americans.  Tane sets them straight on who the first Americans really were.


The main plot of the story has to do with the Cheyenne voting for an honourary chief.  Johnny Thunder gets elected, which fits the plans of Sharp Thorn.  Thorn hates Thunder, and plans to kill him during the trials the white man will have to undergo in order to prove he is capable of being a Cheyenne chief.


And that’s what happens, during test after test.  Johnny always prevails, although Swift Deer helps him out at times.  Once he becomes honourary chief, he stops Sharp Thorn from leading an attack on Mesa.


Tony Barrett faces some competition as the train comes to Tumbleweed in this Overland Coach story by Frank Giacoia and Bob Lander.  The train is, of course, in direct competition with her stagecoach, and even challenges her to a race.


Bandits decide to holdup the train, and even steal the engine.  Tony sees her rival tied up by the tracks and saves him.  Together they stop the train bandits.  While in reality Tony would be put out of business pretty fast, here they live in a world of peace and mutual cooperation.


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