All American Western 119 – Swift Deer spots gold


Swift Deer makes his third appearance in All American Western 119 (April/May 1951).


Kanigher, Toth and Giella remain the creative team as we see that Swift Deer’s education in a white man’s school is not that popular among his own tribe.  The differences in what is valued by the two cultures is brought up.  And that notion plays out through the story, as Swift Deer spots gold, far more important to the whites than to his own people.


Swift Deer leads Johnny Thunder to the gold he saw, but now there is nothing there.  It turns out Swift Deer was being used.  He lead Johnny away to where he saw the gold, just as an actual gold shipment was being robbed.  Johnny realizes that the robbers must include the father of at least one of the children at the school, as Swift Deer openly discusses everything with the other children.


So Johnny makes sure that Swift Deer knows about the plans for the next gold shipment.  Except there is no real shipment, it’s just a trap.  Sure enough, the news passes to the other kids, and the bad guys hear of it, walking right into Johnny Thunder’s hands.


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