All American Western 125 – John Tane to the rescue, Epics of the Texas Rangers ends, and Minstrel Maverick plays roulette


Johnny Thunder once again comes to the rescue of the father who constantly insults and demeans him in the Kanigher, Toth and Barry story in All American Western 125 (April/May 1951).


The Hole in the Wall Gang, who actually existed in real life, appear in this tale.  They hide some of their loot in Sheriff Tane’s house, part of  a plan to exact vengeance on the man who has caused them so much trouble.  The loot gets found, with the proper prompting, and Tane gets arrested.  But not until he once mores lambastes his son for being a schoolteacher.


Knowing his father is innocent, Johnny hunts down the Hole in the Wall Gang, and learns that one of the gang is headed for the prison, to kill the captive sheriff.  Johnny races back to town, but stops to take out his hair dye and change clothes, so that he can rescue his father as John Tane.

Personally, I think the delay is really to give the gang member a bit more time to kill his dad.  After all the non-stop abuse, I wouldn’t blame Johnny at all.


Epics of the Texas Rangers concludes with a three page story by Kubert.


The story deals with a thieving mass murderer, John Freitas.  A Texas Ranger makes himself look like a successful prospector in order to lure Freitas out, and captures the man.

Never a particularly epic series, Epics of the Texas Rangers was at its best when Kubert was drawing it.


Minstrel Maverick gets a good story in this issue, even if the tale, by Hasen and Giunta, is only four pages long.  Harmony Hayes stops off at a casino in a town he is visiting, and plays some roulette. He winds up on a winning streak, leaving the town with tens of thousands of dollars.


In fact, the money is the loot from a bank robbery.  Hayes was being used as a pawn to carry the money across the border, as he was not being watched the way the rest of the gang were.  They step in to get the money back, but Hayes fights them off.  He even returns the stolen money.




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