All American Men of War 101 – Johnny Cloud flies through time


Kanigher and Novick take Johnny Cloud into the realm of the supernatural in All American Men of War 101 (Jan/Feb 1964).


Johnny is called Captain Cloud in this issue, indicating a promotion since his last story.  He had been a lieutenant up to this point.  Between the last issue of All American Men of War and this one, Johnny had appeared in an issue of Brave and the Bold, taking part in an important mission along with Sgt. Rock and the Haunted Tank, so I expect the promotion came following the successful completion of that.


In this issue, Johnny flashes back to a prophecy he had received as a child, about fighting the same deadly craft in three different wars.  He encounters a plane similar to the one from the prophecy, but wonders how he could face it in different wars.


That becomes a bit clearer after he pursues it through a cloud, and winds up in the skies of World War I, in a biplane, fighting a zeppelin.


Another bank of clouds brings Johnny from the past into the future.  He is not certain what war he is now in, but he is flying a jet, and this is likely meant to be the Korean War.  Another bank of clouds brings both of them back to the present, where he finally defeats his time lost foe.

Not a bad story at all.  Works in the supernatural element quite gracefully, probably because it doesn’t waste any time trying to explain it.


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