All American Men of War 102 – Johnny Cloud flies blind


Johnny Cloud gets his first book-length story in All American Men of War 102 (March/April 1964), by Kanigher and Novick.


Johnny has been having nightmares, once again because of a prophecy from the medicine man back home.  I think that guy did not but foretell disaster.  In this case, that a hark would attack Johnny while he was blinded.  This issue also confirms my assertion from the last entry, that Cloud was promoted because of the mission he completed in Brave and the Bold.  We see a brief flashback to this, as Mademoiselle Marie, the French underground agent, awards him his promotion, with Sgt. Rock and Jeb Stuart of the Haunted Tank looking on.


Then its into the action.  The aerial battles in this series have really become quite stunning to look at.  Which is good, as the stories are so formulaic.


Johnny is flying a bombing mission, aiming for a train car that Marie has marked as the one containing the German weapons.  He does get blinded, temporarily, and faces a German plane as the foretold “hawk.”


Johnny gets shot down, but bails out.  He is found by Marie and her resistance fighters.

This is Mademoiselle Marie’s last appearance for a few years. She returns in a Haunted Tank story in 1967.



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