All American Men of War 67 – Gunner and Sarge debut


Gunner and Sarge debut with the cover story of All American Men of War 67 (March 1959), the first ongoing series to appear in this war book.


Created by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, the pair squabble and complain as they fight together during World War II.  Gunner, who narrates the story, resents the Sarge for always ordering Gunner to cover him, while the Sarge gets into the meat of the battle.


But whenever Gunner thinks Sarge is in danger, he ignores his orders and jumps into the fray.  The first time in the story that he does this, it is the wrong thing.  Sarge was acting injured in order to plant a bomb for a Nazi tank.


But when Gunner jumps in again at the end of the story, he does save his superior’s life.

The story ends with a message asking the readers to write in if they enjoy the duo.


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