All American Men of War 83 – Johnny’s first outing as flight leader


Johnny Cloud leads his first flying foray in All American Men of War 83 (Jan/Feb 61).


Kanigher and Novick return as Johnny Cloud feels the weight of responsibility on him as he prepares to lead the Happy Braves.


There is a new flyer in the squadron, a racist young man named Tex, who is none too pleased to have a native in charge.  His reluctance to follow Johnny’s orders leads him to crash.


Johnny refuses to accept that he lost a man on his first mission in charge, and heads back solo.  He finds that Tex survived, and swoops down to pick him up.  On the flight back, they encounter some Nazi flyers.  Johnny gets temporarily blinded, and while Tex is too injured to fly, he serves as Johnny’s eyes, leading them back to their base.  By the time they land, Tex is more than happy to count himself one of Johnny Cloud’s Happy Braves.


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