All American Men of War 96 – Lt. Moon’s final flight


Kanigher and Novick are the team on All American Men of War 96 (March/April 1963).


Many Johnny Cloud stories open in the middle of battle, and then flashback to his life on the reservation.  There will be a parallel situation, and then the resolution of the present day event.  This one alters that, by having Johnny flash back to earlier in the war, and an eager-eyed newbie pilot, Lt. Moon.


Johnny takes the young man under his wing, so to speak.  He tells him he has never lost one of his Happy braves on the flyer’s first mission.  Sgt. Rock gets a one panel, rather pointless, cameo.


Moon winds up sacrificing himself to save the squadron, ruining Johnny’s perfect record.  In the present, Johnny pulls a similar sacrifice, but bails out of his plane in time and survives.


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